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Hilarious! Evil Christmas Design Fails!

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d get you in the festive spirit by bringing you this hilarious list of Christmas design fails.
From suspiciously phallic-shaped candle holders to trees that resemble butt-plugs, these design fails are sure to make you ho ho ho with laughter. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

When My Grandmother Does the Christmas Decorations

Mall Christmas Tree

My Aunt Couldn’t Understand Why Everyone Was Laughing At Her Ceramic Santa

Is This The “White Christmas” They’re All Talking About?

Why You Don’t Put Christmas Lights On Palm Trees

Who Decided To Turn This On?

Because Sometimes, Christmas Can Be Shitty

Design Fail


This Christmas Bag…From The Side

This Santa Plush’s Eyelashes Are Misplaced

Which one is your favorite? Comment below and discuss with us! Source:PocketNews.