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Five Ways To Teach Your Kids Table Manners

Most kids start to learn how to act from their parents right from their infancy. Acts such as walking pattern, speeches, attitude and table manners are common behaviours that your children mimic.

Here are some cool table manners to show your child as a parent

1. Show them examples

Being a parent comes with being a teacher. If you want your kids to follow strict conformable table etiquette, you must be willing to teach them the acceptable eating pattern. This pattern includes sitting posture, chewing manners, the right usage of cutlery, etc. You can start by eating at the same time and table with your kids.

2. Ask them to be thankful

Appreciation in the sense of thanking whoever cooked the meal, either a family dinner prepared by a member of the family or an invitation to dine with a different family outside the home. A kid who learns appreciation would value the effort that was put into preparin the meal.

3. Be a good host

Being a good host is also a perfect way to show your child good table manners. The way you serve your guest matters a lot. Arrangement of cutlery, and how you respond to everyone’s needs at the eating table is also important. After eating, you should appreciate the guests for eating the food. The fact is that your kids watch you more than you watch them, so your actions are examples to them. If you entertain your guests with buoyancy, your child too will surely become a good host.

4. Napkin usage

The importance of napkin usage cannot be overemphasized. Kids are great watchers and learners, and as much as they see their parents practice napkin usage, they tend to follow suit. You can teach your kids how to put a napkin on their laps while eating so as to avoid food crumbs staining their wears. Hygiene practice such as cleaning their hands and mouth immediately after eating is also included.

5. Show them through books

Allowing your kids to read books related to eating manners is another way to teach them good eating etiquette. Most importantly, its advisable for parents to engage their kids in materials related to edible food consumption and balanced diet. This will create an avenue for them to learn ways that will promote good eating manners as they grow older.

What are the strategies you use to teach your children table manners? Share with us below.