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Fact You Did Not Know About The So Called 13th Months Salary

s 13th month salary really a Bonus?

If you're paid on a monthly basis then 13th month salary (bonus) is a compulsory .


Because workers are typically underpaid on most months except February.

There are four weeks in a month and basically they only get paid for 28 days in a month. In short we are underpaid in every other months other than February.

January - 3 days

March - 3 days

April - 2 days

May - 3 days

June - 2 days

July - 3 days

August - 3 days

September -2 days

October - 3 days

November- 2 days

December - 3 days

3+3+2+3+2+3+3+2+3+2+3 = 29 days

Which means that in reality, the so - called 13th month salary is your pay . And it is not really your bonus.

So if you're going to receive that 13th month pay soon, take note it is part your pay - And please do MANAGE them wisely !!!