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Atheist, Maobi Carl Freed After His Abduction & Being Taken To Psychiatric Home

This evening our correspondents at metrodailies confirmed that he had been freed and we were able to get in touch with him(Maobi Carl) ,

He told us The doctor Didn't find any serious mental danger.But recommended he starts taking some medications(injections) He refused and stood his ground that he was not insane then doctor had no options than to discharge him

Meanwhile, such occurrences are not rare in a multi-religious country like Nigeria which other religious beliefs are hardly respected or acknowledged  except it is Christianity or Islam.Few years ago a Nigerian man from Kano Mubrack bala faced a much similar scenario in which it was alledged he was mad simply for declaring himself an atheist

below are pictures of the pyschiatric hospital known as ''Ejebronus Psychiatric Clinic, Osina Ideato South, Imo state''

Mr Maobi is a trader at onitsha,Anambra state.

The hospital pictures