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*15 types of people you will meet at the filling station during this fuel crisis*

We are all aware that presently fuel crisis is rocking everywhere, But nevertheless the search for fuel has led us to meeting different kind of human beings , based on personal experience ... Here are the 15 type of people you will meet at the filling station.

1. *The human right advocate* : This set of people are always like one or two people, na dem go voice out when they notice cheating in any aspect of fuel selling , you will hear " this is unfair, only five Okadas has been attended to " or " we have been stranded here for like one hour and nobody is attending to us , what is going on " . they are so bold that they even approach the manager . its a pity some of dem no dey always get fuel sef

2. *Fighting is our hobby crew* : you see this ones, you will think they are cursed or somtin , on top fuel wey dem no know whether dem go see buy dey will still fight . u will hear " Abi u dey craze ni ? Dem never slap u before ? Eh, if u touch my keg , I go blow u ni o " before u know it, fight go start . on top every of the blow and insult dey receive , most times dem no go even see fuel buy .

3. *The determination club* : You will always wonder what this set of people do with fuel because they can sleep at the filling station for days just to buy even 5 liters , u begin to think if there is a special award for that kind determination lol

4. *The storytellers* : This ones will not let us rest with stories of how they got fuel from lokoja and warri last weekend , you will hear " ni last week, I still buy 30 liters at Ijebu ode for just 150# per liter " " I was at Kogi state and so so so " oga ... Your story go put fuel inside our empty cars and kegs ehn ?

5. *The scapegoats* : This ones will always chop claps or kicks from members of armed forces that visit the filling station because dem no dey hear word , the way dem dey take beat some of this set of people you will think village people sef follow them com buy fuel ni.

6. *The VIP* : shey u see this ones , they hardly spend 10 minutes at the filling station before they are attended to , vooooom they are gone . na dem they make some people cry , u will hear " Ahhhh, did man just come ni o , and u attended to him ... We wey Don dey here like 3 hours nko ? E no good o " na so people go they shout .

7. *The business officials* : e be like dey na dis ones dem dey call black market people, dey fit Visit petrol station many times a day . since business dey flow . and while they do this with probably some connections , some never even buy 3 liters since 5 hours ago .

8: *The " I dey your back " crew* : I wonder where this set of people always go , they will drop their kegs or even leave their cars and be saying " am at your back bro " , some will even give you their numbers sey make u give dem a call when its almost their turn . as if na dem dey buy credit for your phone lol

9. *The punctuality Club* : this ones will always let us know they have been at the filling station since 4am , you will hear " I first you all to get here, when u come sef ? " as if na dat one dem dey take buy fuel . funny enough , most times na dem gangan no dey see fuel buy.

10. *The Loser's club* : Na when its the turn of this ones to buy fuel, fuel go finish or make dem say they no sell again . E dey always pain dem die . sorry Bro, not a nice experience anyway

11. *Ojoro crew* : this ones no dey ever queue, na to dey finish shortcut up and down , e dey always yield sometimes but most of the times e dey backfire , to now go back to queue will now be problem since they will be forced to the back, na to carry their kegs dey go house . Ile ya !

12. *The Bribery advocates* : this once will tell you confidently how you will not buy fuel unless u find some naira to bribe , they will explain why its very much better to bribe onces way , you will hear " no time to waste , just give dem some change and get out of here " . some times their money sef na watch, those ones go just collect and disappoint them

13 . *The control guys* : This ones na self appointed fuel attendant, U will think na dem dey sell fuel , you will hear " now , sell this mans own, sell this one too , you haven't sell this " . dem go just dey scatter the fuel attendant brain .

14. *Pick pocket association* : When you see a grown man or woman backing their trousers or purse , with sounds like " I can't find my phone , please help " or " I can't find my money anymore old help " it means this ones Don raid be that, dey are not there to buy fuel , just there to carry peoples possessions . the worst is people will always add more sorrow for their victim , they will say " u sef mumu , how u go carry phone inside purse " " why will u hold your money, don't u have a pocket " . adding more pepper to those ones wound.

15. *Supporters Club* : this ones na big Tymev cowards , their own na to dey cheer up the human right advocate ... You will hear " Nice one jare , thank u bro " " yes o, dem they cheat us here " . as if dem no get mouth to talk .

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