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10 Types Of People You Find In The Banking Hall

Today being Monday, the first day of work, the bank is usually crowded. Having some previous experiences in the bank, and I believe you’ve had too, I decided to come up with this little piece.

1 The Mr Know Alls – This type of people claim to know all the procedures of the bank. They can readily offer to help you throw more light on anything they feel you are not clear on. They will ask you if you are making deposit or withdrawal an if you are making the latter, they will proceed to asking if you have collected/picked a withdrawal slip and can go as far as picking one for you, when you tell them you have not, and filling it for you, when you have not filled it. They funny thing about this kind of people is that you can finish your transaction in the bank and discover that they have not done any transaction even though you met them at the bank, which will make you wonder whether they came to transact or voluntarily acting as the banks aid.

2 The Sharp-guys – This kind of people tend to be clever. They have no regards for the people on the queue. They will walk straight pass the long queue to the counter or to a person they claim is their friend and demand for a space to fix themselves in. one thing about this kind of people is that, although the impatient queue yell at them and threaten them to go back and join the queue from behind, they mostly have their way in the end, except they meet a tough guy from the queue----bad day for them

3 They Wailers – This kind of people will complain unceasingly of how slow the bank transactions are and how long they have been on the queue. Some will go on to tell you of how they skipped breakfast just to bypass the long queue. They will tell you how bank B or bank C is way faster than the particular bank they are in.

4 The Preachers – This kind of people believe in justice. They are fond of preaching how unfair it is to treat people specially, especially when those people have “link” to someone it the bank and their transactions are processed straight at the counter without them joining the queue. They will go on saying that Nigeria will never change if people continue this way.

5 The Talkative – This kind of people talk a lot that sometimes you wonder they really came to the bank to make transaction. They keep jumping from one queue to another disturbing people and sometimes cracking jokes that are drier than the harmattan wind. They have not issue with how long they stay in the bank so far it’s not their turn, which gives them more time to talk.

6 The Indecisive – This kind of people are easily confused. They find it very difficult to decide which queue to join. They seem to cast lots in their mind before joining a queue. Sometimes when they discover that the queue they are in is not moving as expected, they switch to another one and then to the other in that manner.

7 The Reticent – This type of people don’t do much talking. They are very quiet. Some are shy actually. They are fond of dropping their gaze when their eyes meet people’s. They could come to the bank process their transaction and leave without saying a word to anyone.

8 The Social Media Chat-Bots – This kind of people are so obsessed with social media chatting. You find them with their fingers continuously pressing their phones and their face glued to the phone as well. They are so oblivious and into “the other world” that they may bump into people without bothering to apologize and if at all they do apologize, the do that carelessly without even bothering to look at whom they are tendering the apology to.

9 The “Jagabans” – This kind of people will make you stay on the queue for some extra-time. They may take up space of up to 10 people. Although the bulk room is available for their kind of transaction, they prefer to be on the queue at the counter because they believe the bulk room delays posting. Sometimes, just when you are relieved that the bundles of money they gave out earlier for deposit is processed, they give out yet some other bundles. Gosh!

10 The First-Timers – This type of people are conspicuous. You first notice them by their actions at the door. Their way of inquiring how the system works at the bank also speaks much of them having their first experience and this is where the Mr Know All plays a role.

You can add your list if you wish.