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There is a secret the none Edos do not understand about the relationship between Edo people and their Oba. This is why they are always in awe of the complexities of Edo people, history, culture and traditions.

The Benin people share a symbiotic relationship with the Oba. This is why the Oba is also called Omo and every Benin man is an Oba, especially in the absence of the Oba. The Oba is Benin and Benin is Oba. It is on record that no Edo indigene was sold into slavery or treated as a slave. No Edo indigene was ever used for sacrifice at anytime. No Oba of Benin has ever been killed by a Benin indigene apart from Oba Ohen, father of Oba Ewuare I, around 1415.
All Edos, no matter the spiritual persuasion- Christians, Muslims, traditionalists etc, reverence the Oba. All Edos, irrespective of tribe, reverence the Oba of Benin.
We are always proud of our Oba and defer to him. The Oba is always proud of us and equally defers to the general interest of the Benin.
Benin practiced the parliamentary system of government at least 500 years before the British. The first Benin Church in Benin was built long before the Anglican Church was built in England . The Oba of Benin was the political, executive, legislative and the judicial head of the Benin Kingdom and the Benin Empire. He was also the spiritual head of the Church of Benin (Holy Aruosa Cathedral) I and the head of all principalities and powers within the Benin sphere, only differing to Osanudazi.
Daniel Aroren Noah Osa-Ogbegie is a member of the Oloke family of Benin.