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Road Construction In The South-East Financed By Sukuk


On getting to Benin bypass on our way to Enugu from Lagos yesterday, I noticed that the bad spot there has not been repaired so we followed a diversion that got us to Benin Auchi expressway and back to the bypass. Before we got back to bypass, I saw a big signage beside the road and on it was written Sukuk. I knew I had had that word but I couldn’t remember again what it meant. Anyway, the safety of my lovely babes in the and as well as myself was more important than thinking what Sukuk meant thus I concentrated on my driving and never continued the soliloquy.

Shortly after Nkpor, I saw that contractors were fully on ground “burying” money on the ground to make the roads user friendly. Well, praising PMB by me was no longer news to my wife so no need to sing a new praise. But when we entered our beloved Enugu State, a section of the road, I think from Umumba or even before to 9th Miles had been fully tarred. My joy new no bound as I was driving on the bad side and was “doing Christmas” for my eyes watching the other side of the road. About five or ten minutes after the reconstruction point started, I saw another big signage, it was written Sukuk. And after every few kilometers, you will see Sukuk. That was when I remembered it was the “Islamic Bond” all lovers of development supported but not the ANTI-Christ Christians. I remembered how CAN would have stopped us from benefitting from the proceeds from Sukuk Bond as they ignorantly or deceitfully fought against FG issuing the Bond. PMB, our Leader, our Dad, and our Friend thank you. May Allah abundantly bless you. I am a convinced Christian, a practicing Catholic and I am FULLY in support of this Bond. If this is what islamization is all about, Leader, please continue. You think out of the box. Even when we are broke, your Team thought of this wonderful option and now we are seeing the result. Please don’t mind our intolerant brothers-CAN and others. They are ignorant or mischievous. And the Investors in Sukuk Bond, make God bless una! Ndi Igbo will never forget una, for borrowing FG money to reconstruct our roads.

Chukwuemeka Ojielo