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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome To Give $100m To God (Video)

According to Christ embassy president, Pastor Chris, "It's all about love, love is the greatest. If you love God you should be excited to give him.

"Some time ago God asked me to give my first $10 million but I didn't argue about it. I just brought it out and gave to him with joy.

"And now I am planning on giving him my first $100 million, why! Because when you give to God he enlarges your financial capacity.

"So I started telling myself that I must give my first $100 million and I am almost there".

And having followed this man, he will do it as he has said.

Actually you cut much of the video out, he talked about how he gave $10,000 15 years ago, to TBN. (1:31:15)

Then how the Lord led him to give $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 and then $10,000,000.

Watch from 1:40:25 to get it... or better still, just enjoy the whole video... cheesy