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Funny Gee, Comedian Takes Selfie At Accident Scene After Surviving (Photos)

Nigerian comedian, Funnygee, survived a ghastly motor accident that occurred while on his way to Kano state for a show.

According to him, the accident occurred while he was going for a show he was supposed to perform in Kano State after which the car he was in summasulted multiple times.

Here’s what he wrote;

#testimonytime on the 5th of November this month on my way to Kano for a show, I was involved in a terrible accident of which the car summasulted multiple times, I wasn't wearing a seatbelt because the belt was faulty but God brought me out of that accident with no broken bones or skin... 4 hours later I did a mad comedy performance and got a standing ovation...that day you gave me this word Matthew 28:20I was busy taking selfies.This God is too good o