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Cynthia Morgan Reacts To Libya Slave Trade; Calls Buhari, Daddy Freeze, Pastors

So i was going through feeds on Instagram yesterday and i saw this at @icynthiamorgan IG page.

She said,
Mr President @muhammadubuhari when are we sending troops to libya?
#Freetheslaves #thankyou also [email protected] to call on our pastors......

Good Morning Mr President @muhammadubuhari we hope you slept well sir. we are yet to hear from you on the supposed troops we are sending to Libya to free our people. #thankyousir ✊� also urging @daddyfreeze to call on all our pastors.... Slavery is a great sin against Christ and his followers... and we must all send our private jets and chattered planes to go get our people from Libya. #Realmissiontime #Cometogether #Helpus