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Africa Richest Man Dangote Have 1 Private Jet, Pastor Oyedepo Has 4: Daddy Freez

Everyday I regained my consciousness on the deteriorating level of this country and how churches are colonizing and ripping off the masses, I wept...

Factories and Companies are shutting down while churches are buying the place for preaching false doctrines.
No wonder our politician have no fear of God because they share same ideology with the pastors and so called Ministers of God/Daddy GOs.

Leaving large at the expence of the poor. They have no businesses nor produce anything but they are far richer than those that invested their money in businesses.

They preached you to pay tithe and offering but never preach how you can help the needy on the street. Jesus never collect offering nor tithe but he takes care of the needy. Jesus gives and encourage his followers to give but reverse is the case herr in Nigeria. Your success is tied to tithe and offering whereas in US, UK, Saudi, China and other top countries of the world they don't pay tithe nor offering but were so successful.

Who is deceiving who, the reason you are blessed was not because you pay tithe or offering but because are programmed to be blessed and also that you are hardworking. Look around you in the Church, how many people pay tithes and offering?
Why is that so many of your fellow church goers are still poor. Oh! They are caused? Huh?

God don't need your money he needs your love to others. Love others as you loved yourself.
When you give to the needy, you have done it to me(Jesus).
Imagine, a Dangote with a single jet and a pastor who claim to be like Jesus without a single industry owns 4 private jet.. For what?? Will he fly the 4 @ the same time. The money paid to hang each of the jet is worth over N200,000,000 million a year. The money will create jobs for over 500,000 jobless Nigerians.
Don't tell me he has a university, the same university that was giving to our fathers free by the missionaries.. No wonder Reinhard Bonke rejected our offerings and tithes .. He knew the truth.. He said that "they bring to us not to collect from us". Nigerian pastors collect in millions from us and give little rice and ororo to the needy. They behave like gods, act like they are saints but use security, bouncers and others to protect themselves leaving Jesus to protect us. So Jesus can't protect them.

Two weeks ago mummy Adeboye came to RCCG Solid Rock Ojodu, Lagos, I was so eager to hear her preach what the Bible says about tithing and Offering but she went personal and emotional condemning those that support the questioning of tithing and offering. I was was so dissapointed. She said that they are mocking God. Whoah! The Bible only said TOUCH not my annointing and do my prophet no HARM but never said don't question the anointed when one don't understand.
Just a simple question all were fidgeting ??
Tell us where Jesus who you preached to us as our Lord and personal saviour said we should pay tithe and offering??
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